Born to a single, 15 year old mother, Christopher “Richie Bux” Foster came up in Michigan City, Indiana spending majority of his younger years with his grandmother while his Mom continued to earn a secondary education for herself. Around the age of 7, Christopher’s mother re-united with her son and together they moved from MC to Indianapolis.

It was around that time that Richie recalls falling in love with Hip-Hop after school one day as he cruised down 38th Street with his step-father, blasting Twista’s Adrenaline Rush.

“I remember after school we were driving to get my little sister from daycare and he put a CD in, he turned the radio down and looked at me and asked “what you know about hip hop?” and i remember just staring at him and Twista Adrenaline Rush came on, still one of my favorite songs till this day.”

As his love for the music flourished, he was eventually nicknamed “Rich Boy” in the neighborhood due to his infatuation with Jordan's and other clothing.

When Rich Boy and his friends reached the high school age, that’s when the trap became a lifestyle and Rich Boy became Richie Bux, as the young MC looked for a channel to vent. Taking hold of that passion, Richie recently moved to Las Vegas, Nevada and can be found performing at venues like Beauty Bar or the Gold Spike Casino. He's also got his fair share of opening performances for major artists under his belt, and just recently did his very first festival with being booked for JAMFEST in Las Vegas, NV.